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Keeping It Green

Enercare Keeping It Green

Renewable Energy Program at Enercare Centre

Enercare Centre is proud to be working with Direct Energy Business to provide Green Energy Products to help reduce your event’s impact on the environment and support your environmental and sustainability initiatives. When you purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for your event, you are able to offset all of the carbon emissions that would normally result from your event’s electricity consumption if the electricity were generated from a traditional, coal-fired power plant. While all commercial activity has some impact on the environment, electricity generated from renewable sources has a substantially lower negative impact than conventional electricity generation. This also allows your event and its organizers to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility to attendees, support local renewable energy generation, and generate positive publicity.

What is a REC and how does it work?

A tradable environmental certificate, or REC, represents proof that one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from a renewable source and delivered somewhere into a power grid. A REC symbolizes the “property rights” to the environmental, social and technical attributes of electricity generated from renewable resources, such as wind, solar, low impact hydro, biomass, biodiesel and geothermal power. Since all sources of electricity—whether they came from renewable and non-renewable sources—are combined once they are added to the grid, the only way to guarantee that you are purchasing clean, renewable electricity that corresponds to your event’s load/usage is to purchase RECs.

How many RECs do I need to purchase?

A green energy provider is credited with one REC for every one MWh of electricity it produces from a renewable source. The renewable energy is then fed into the electrical grid at the standard market price and the REC is sold on the open market. A REC can only be sold once, as it is only a physical representation of the attributes and benefits of the renewable electricity—not the electricity itself. The Enercare Centre is able to estimate your potential electricity usage (load) based on historical usage patterns. This historical usage data will enable Direct Energy Business to purchase the appropriate number of RECs to sufficiently offset your event.

The Reputable REC

Renewable Energy Credits from Direct Energy Business come from EcoLogo Certified Generation Facilities. Founded in 1988, EcoLogo is North America’s most respected and well-established multi-attribute environmental standard and certification mark. EcoLogo certifies environmental leaders in more than 120 categories by ensuring that products and services bearing their logo meet stringent environmental standards and have been verified by a third party auditor.

How do I purchase RECs for my event?

Through partnership with Enercare Centre, Direct Energy Business is able to determine your required energy consumption and purchase the RECs to off-set your event. Just ask your Enercare Centre Event Coordinator for details as to how you can begin to reduce the environmental impact of your event and support future low carbon electricity generation.

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