Building specifications

Columns & Ceiling Heights

  • Columns & Ceiling Heights
  • Column spacing is from a minimum of 90 feet to a maximum of 120 feet in the new halls, providing large expanses of barrier-free space
  • Exhibit hall ceiling heights range from 12' to 60' ceiling height
  • Clearance in Halls A-D is 39' 6" at the outside wall, rising to 50' 1"
  • Full ceiling height to the crest of the roof is 60'
  • Hanging points from roof trusses are on a 30-foot grid

Floor Loading

  • Floor loading of 350 pounds-per-square-foot in Halls A, B, C, D, G
  • Heritage Court is sufficient for large trucks, as well as display and operation of heavy equipment
  • Other exhibit halls are at grade level

Loading and Unloading Facilities

  • Two specialized loading and unloading areas - with a total of 32 truck bays are located at the east and west ends of the complex, allowing simultaneous access for different shows with no conflicts
  • Two exhibit floor access truck ramps are located at each loading area, two with a 30-foot-high door

Sound and Lighting

  • A high-tech public address system provides superior sound quality
  • A complete range of sound systems is available to meet audio needs
  • The electrically operated dividing walls provide complete sound baffling, as well as temperature control
  • All exhibit halls have metal halide lighting, meeting rooms have dimmable fluorescent lighting

Telecommunications, Information Technology

  • In-house PBX with Digital, Analog and ISDN client cards
  • Clients are provided with state of the art digital and analog telephony devices
  • In-house Internet access via our 10/100/1000 megabit fibre based ethernet network
  • Wireless 802.11 and 802.11b compliant ethernet based Internet and telephony access
  • Full multi-mode fibre optic cable distribution on a 30 foot grid
  • In-house Web casting capability directly from the show floor
  • Video conferencing, as well as internal and external networking, can be provided via fibre optic coverage (both light and dark fibre connectivity) for state-of-the-art interconnectivity
  • A massive Category 5 and fibre cable grid creates a network-ready infrastructure
  • In-house technical experience in telephony, networking and software applications


  • A system of floorport service conduits, providing discreet access to electrical and telecommunication outlets, are arranged on a 30-square-foot grid.
  • Floorport electrical power is available to a maximum of 600V, with additional electrical service available from above water and drain outlets are located in the floor on a 60-square-foot grid columns and perimeter walls contain outlets for compressed air and natural gas